Beaded Bird Designs


Jewelry for sale! These unique pieces are inspired by the nature that surrounds me, wherever I may be. E-mail me at "beadedbirdaz AT gmail DOT com" if you have an interest in any set. Currently I don't maintain a separate website or online shop, but follow me on Instagram (I'm beaded_bird_designs) or favorite this page to visit again, as I add new creations regularly. 

My pieces are priced moderately, as I sell direct and want to support my hobby. I've blogged about how I obtain materials at the Tucson Gem Show here. I also have several items for sale at the Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop and White Mountain Nature Center gift shop.

May 21, 2018: A few new sets:

A special set in honor of my mother:
Necklace/Earrings: $50.00

Tibetan pendant on brass chain, earrings to match
with lapis, coral, and turquoise:
Necklace/Earrings Set: $50.00

A summery, casual set that goes with anything!
Necklace/Earrings Set: $35.00
May 15, 2018: Two sets commissioned by friends and a third to commemorate a lovely day birdwatching for the Global Bird Day (May 5, 2018). Now, whether or not my friends will actually want these sets or want me to make another...who knows!!!

Birds, it's all about birds. Multi-metal finishes means this goes with everything.
Brass, faux-antique silver, and copper showcase bird and flower charms with faceted
stone beads and crystals. Necklace/Earrings Set: $55.00

"Bluebird," commissioned by Betty, hope she likes it.
Kyanite stones, navy glass beads, and silver to wear with jeans.
Two-necklace set; wear together or separate. If she wants, I'll
add dangles to the bottom of the pendant.
SOLD: Betty liked it.

Red tiger-eye, jasper, and opaque glass cubes adorn the brass flower pendant,
commissioned by friend Pam. We shall see if our visions match!
SOLD: Pam liked it.
April 30, 2018: A typical morning walk in the forest, except I saw the common manzanita shrub in a new light, remembering I had red tiger-eye beads that swirled with color in the same way the manzanita wood does. Beautiful! And, a brassy double-chain piece with dangles that ties with a silk cord, making a flashy yet earthy set.

I absolutely love this set; so pretty. Three green and rose jasper beads are centered in between
red tiger-eye rondelles, more jasper, and length of organically-cut green beads. Interspersed
between are small freshwater pearl discs that represent mananita's tiny white blossoms.
Necklace/Earring Set: $65.00

A close-up of the warm tones of red tiger-eye stone

Two types of brass chain hold a graphic bird pendant and multiple dangles.
Tied on top with a cord.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $50.00
April 22, 2018: A pink and gold sandstone rock on our morning walk was caught by the rising sunlight in a way that made me want to put those colors together in a piece. Also, it is time to get away from wearing black, so I made something blue to go with jeans and summer t-shirts!

Stones, glass rounds, and faux-pearl discs help re-create the
image of sandstone around our forested neighborhood.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $45.00

Blue-dyed mother-of-pearl, faceted garnet, and jade cubes make this a set
that can really go with anything!
Necklace/Earrings Set: $40.00
SOLD: Thanks, Ann!
April 18, 2018: I believe spring is finally here. A few pieces that reflect spring flowers and uplifting moods!

A deep periwinkle handblown glass bead embedded with rust and chartreuse foils
mandates periwinkle, rust, and chartreuse beads!
Necklace/Earrings Set: $45.00

A closer look

Lilac bluish-purple stone beads with silver chunks, creamy freshwater pearl discs,
and iridescent, sparkly cubes
Necklace/Earrings Set: $50.00
SOLD! Thank you, Dawn!

Commissioned for a friend, this ancient-looking bronze pendant of a female figure
was combined with "mood" beads that change colors, blue and green crystal rounds,
and brass chain. A truly eclectic combination that works!
Not for sale
March 20, 2018: A brief snow blanketed our yard this past weekend. With deep purple and light lavender crocuses and their green leaves popping up through the snow, and hungry birds swarming our feeders, I thought I could re-create that image in the set below. I didn't know how the purples, white, and green would work together, and I ended up loving this set! I call it "Mountain Spring."

Mountain Spring! Amethyst chunks and chips, opaque moonstone beadcaps (unusual!),
small jade rounds, and vintage German glass beads highlighted with copper
findings of flowers and birds.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $55.00
March 8, 2018:

A fun set inspired by my love of elephants. Pendant from my trip to
Bhutan; with Tibetan agate beads and brass findings.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $50.00

These mother-of-pearl football-shaped beads were dyed in this
aqua color that is luminescent. With teal crystals, and black/silver highlights
and a cute gecko pendant, it can be dressy or casual.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $50.00
SOLD: Thank you, Patti!
February 25, 2018: The late winter months seem to be the perfect time to take a neutral palette and create jewelry that shines in its small details:

This elephant tile found in Santa Fe is accentuated by
Tibetan-style beads; look at the close-up below.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $55.00

Above elephant tile set close-up

Striated warm brown glass and a small stone are wrapped in complementary silver that shines.
Heishi discs, wooden and silver beads, and luminous mother-of-pearl pieces make this set
a mix of warmth with flashes of light.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $60.00
SOLD! Thank you, Dawn!   

Close-up of above set
Abalone chips in a range of grays, tan, and cream are highlighted by pops of burnt sienna.
Simple; my aim is for this set to go with anything. A great set for traveling and daily wear.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $35.00
February 20, 2018: "Winter" finally showed up over President's Day weekend, giving me ample time to make a few new sets. The whiteness of the landscape made me think about brighter colors, so here are some reds and greens!

Pendant from Bhutan; red coral chunks with patina highlights, Czech glass, and dyed bone beads
on brass chain. Necklace/earrings/bracelet set on hold; not for sale

Red! Mixed seed beads, red bone, and vintage faceted beads with silver highlights.
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00

Garnets! Square cut, off-center holes; with teal, olive, and citrine seed bead highlights.
Brass flowers accentuate the center bead and earrings. Necklace/earrings set: $60.00

Earrings close-up of above set to highlight the subtle beauty of garnets.

A malachite-lapis stone set on seaglass background. Polymer clay beads, lapis rondelles,
and brass findings accentuate; ending with brass chain.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $45.00
SOLD! Thank you, Julie!

Adorable, organic-feel of elephant and baby, hammered brass with silver frame.
Brass chain. Simple, large-pendant style set goes with anything.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $45.00

Close-up of above earrings; rustic silver base-metal flowers and brass
hoops and circle dangles, with silver base-metal leverbacks
Polymer clay leaf pendant with brass leaf and stone (jasper and green garnet beads) dangle,
on brass chain. Necklace/Earrings Set: $55.00
SOLD! Thank you, Dawn!
February 2, 2018: Happy New Year! Winter has been warm and dry; almost too nice to be indoors making jewelry. After a visit to the Tucson Gem Show, I buckled down and made several sets:

Teardrop-shaped jasper pendant (much greener in real life) with sections
of green, gilded brass, and cream stones. One of my latest favorites!
Necklace/Earrings Set: $55.00

A beautiful jasper pendant highlighted with copper spacers
and cylindrical neutral stone beads.
Necklace/Earrings set: $55.00 

Stones and more stones; green, gray, and brown stones go with everything!
Necklace/Earrings Set: $55.00

Polymer clay leaf with aquamarine-colored stone and copper accents,
Necklace/Earrings Set: 45.00
GIFT for Cathy

Hard-to-capture unusual bluish-green polymer clay floral stamped set, silver chain and highlights
Necklace/Earrings Set: $35.00
SOLD: Thank you, Brooke (for Holly!)
Another unusual bluish-green set, more green than the above, on matte black chain.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $35.00
SOLD: Thank you, Rosie!

Quartz-based stone pendant with greens and browns, highlighted with
muted lavender/rose colors.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $55.00 

Copper "tree of life" stamped polymer clay on copper backing,
stone and copper highlights.
Necklace/Earrings Set: $40.00
SOLD! Thank you, Dawn!
October 31, 2017 (Happy Halloween!): This fall has been a long, colorful journey. We at home witnessed a spectacular display of golden aspens among the evergreen spruce, pine, and fir trees. On a visit to Vermont and New Hampshire, their show was not one of the most colorful years, but was lovely nonetheless, with fall colors interspersed with still-green deciduous trees. In both cases, a vivid blue sky was the backdrop. I simply had to add blues and greens to these two fall-color sets:

Organic, asymmetrical fall-color beads interspersed with brass flowers and Clay River Design
ceramic focal beads. Double-strand set and earrings: $45.00

Subtle diamond-shaped smoky blue and green beads have tiny burnt-orange highlights. Set off by
green, gray-blue, and deep rust seed beads, this set goes well with almost any color
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
And here is the last of my October creations:

Base-metal silver flowers and dangles are the focal points.
A soft jersey cotton adjustable cloth cord makes a bold statement.
Necklace/earrings set: $40.00
August 31, 2017: Summer went by so fast! I generally don't sit inside making jewelry in the summertime, so I don't have many new items to share. Here is one set using a polymer clay pendant I designed, made with bright copper chain and copper people figurines:

"Ancient Spirit" polymer clay pendant, square-cut copper chain, and
copper "people" figurines; matching earrings.
Necklace/earrings: $55.00
Update: on sale at the Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop!
 And, I have more pendants I designed, just waiting for the right setting!

What will these become??? They'll tell me soon enough!
 May 29, 2017: A few new sets:

This set was inspired by the juniper berries and acorns scattered about the trail
we take every day on our morning walks. This set, made of wood, stone, and glass beads with
base-silver highlights, goes with everything -- blue jeans, black, brown, gray, whatever!
Necklace/earrings set: $50.00

Brass with patina, bird and crystal necklace/earrings set:
Update: SOLD, thank you, Ellen!

"Faux" metal polymer clay leaf, with real turquoise chunks.
Necklace/earrings set: $60.00
Update: On sale at the Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop!

Two strand set: polymer clay flower pendant with
odd-sized iridescent green glass beads and and silver base-metal highlights.
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
SOLD, thank you, Dave! 
May 8, 2017: I experimented with metallic paint on polymer clay, and used the "Swellegant" brand patina process to "age" my pieces. So far, one set has been created, and I think there's one more piece that made the cut, which will be online soon:

Bronze clay butterfly pendant with patina-type Czech glass
and faux-turquoise beads. Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
For sale at the Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop
 April 15, 2017: More fun with polymer clay, this time experimenting with alcohol dyes on stamped clay. Here is an overview photo of the pieces, and then the sets made from them follow:

Potential jewerly

Necklace/earrings set: $25.00
Sold, thank you, Eden!

Necklace/earrings set: $25.00
Donated to WM Nature Center banquet

Dragonfly on flower, necklace/earring set: $35.00

Red and green flower necklace/earring set: $25.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Copper and glitter: Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Hummingbird on flower, necklace/earrings set: $35.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop
A few other sets from the same experiment:
Teal and green pendant with chocolate-brown highlights,
Czech glass beads and copper chain, set: $40.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Brass ball-chain lends a casual flair to this blue and green swirl,
Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Swirls in blue, a deep gold, and espresso brown,
Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Simple leaf pendant on green cotton cord,
Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
SOLD, thank you, Lisa!

Not quite black, but close. Iridescent brass and purple show up
in the light. Finished off with iridescent beads in the earrings.
Necklace/earrings set: $30.00
April 10, 2017: One full set and a bunch of earrings:

"Tree of Life" polymer clay pendant on one side;
Owl family on the flip. Necklace/earrings set: $45
SOLD, thank you, Chandra!

Czech glass earrings,

"Matchstick" earrings,

Birds, what else??? Earrings: $12/pair

More "matchstick" earrings,
March 27, 2017: More fun with polymer clay!

"Pine Boughs" on muted pastel ribbon,
Necklace/earrings set: $30.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

White on Blue Victorian Scrolling, brown leather cord,
silver highlights, with Clay River Design ceramic beads
Necklace/earrings set: $30.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Midnight in the Garden, indigo and black set
on navy blue leather cord, antique black beads highlight
Necklace/earrings set: $30.00
SOLD: Thank you, Dave!

Flower Power, glittery teal blue pendant/beads
with wood and brass flower highlights on brown leather braided cord
Necklace/earring set: $25.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Close-up of earrings from Flower Power

March 14, 2017:

Vintage button set in brass sunflower, with vintage-style highlights, on teal crystal chain
Necklace/earrings set: $50.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Summer fun! Ceramic earthy clay beads with blue highlights; wood, blue glass, and brass highlights
Necklace/earrings set: $40.00

Peace out! Navy woven cord with colorful highlights; navy/red/gold beads, peace-sign pendant.
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
GONE: gifted

"Rock Art" sun pendant; fuchsia polymer clay and black/gold/blue bead highlights.
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
SOLD: Thank you, Julie!
March 10, 2017:

Vintage button, vintage-style set; brass findings, green glass beads
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00 (SOLD, thank you, Cathy!)

"Petroglyph" set; clay pendant, glass beads, brass chain, woven faux-chain
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Teal and antiqued-gold finish clay pendant; ceramic and clay beads, brass highlights
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Translucent pendant with teal highlights on flower; Czech glass and stone beads
Necklace/earrings set: $40.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

"Sparkly" purple clay flower pendant, crystals and iridescent beads
Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop
February 28, 2017:

Bird dangles with blue and green stone and garnet beads and crystal accents.
Necklace/earrings set: $45
SOLD: Thank you, Peter!

Flower polymer clay pendant, sodalite stones, and lavender beads with silver base accents.
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00

Sterling owls with Czech glass and crystal earrings. Not for sale but cute enough to post. 

"Grass and Water" polymer clay pendant, vintage brass accents, crystals, and clay beads with chain to finish.
Necklace/earrings set: SOLD (thank you, Cathy!)

Deep red glass and polymer clay pendant with black accents.
Subtle rose sea glass beads, crystal chain.
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
SOLD: Thank you, Sandy!
February 13, 2017: Polymer clay experiments continue! Below are four sets made with my own polymer clay pendants--hope you like them!

Iridescent purple bird silhouettes pop out in this vintage-inspired set:
Necklace and earrings set: $50.00 (SOLD: Thank you, Cathy!)

"Joy" pendant with matching jasper stone beads and brass flowers,
hope for spring to come early, perhaps?
Necklace and earrings set: $45.00
SOLD: Thank you, Tammy!

Tree pendant with a subtle teal/bronze background on antiqued brass backing;
teal-green crystal/brass necklace with dragonfly dangle earrings.
Necklace and earrings set: $50.00

Cobalt blue glass holds iridescent blues-and-antique brass flower pendant.
Blue beads have subtle green and copper highlights;
copper/brass base metal spacers and iridescent rondelles finish off the piece.
Necklace and earrings set: $45.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop
February 6, 2017: After a successful bead-buying binge at the Tucson Gem Show (see what that's like, here), I've only had time to make one set, which already sold. However, it's very cute and I want to post it as I can make something quite similar if desired:

Rusty "rustic" bird on ribbon with matching earrings.
SOLD. Thanks, Chandra!
January 16, 2017: More sets made over the weekend from small tiles I purchased in Santa Fe; the Southwest never fails to inspire!

Bird with stone beads and copper chain
Necklace/Earrings set: $35.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Owl with lapis beads and copper chain/beads
Necklace/Earrings Set: $45.00
January 14, 2017: Happy New Year! Here are a four new sets; polymer clay pendants and beads made by yours truly as I continue to learn this craft.

Iridescence; goes with everything! Necklace/earrings set, $30.00

Floral in antique gold and blue iridescense,
Necklace/earrings: $40.00
SOLD: Thank you, Deb!

Purple Glyphics with antique brass necklace/earrings
Made for Liz; can make something similar

Faux-rhodochrosite beads, necklace/earrings set
Made for Diana Marie; not for sale
December 5, 2016: Update! I spent the month of November in Bhutan and Thailand. I found some interesting beads and pendants, as well as inspiration, on my incredible journey. Look on my home page soon for blog entries, but until then, here are a few pieces I've made with my Bhutan treasures!

This zodiac pendant was purchased at our trek
destination, Laya--a small community near Bhutan's
northern boundary with Tibet--from a Layan woman
selling just a few handmade/hand-forges items.
This set is not for sale; just show!

Elephant pendants and colorful beads
form a necklace/bracelet/earrings set: $50
SOLD: Thank you, Emily!

Pendant and large silver beads purchased in Bhutan; highlighted by fuschia beads.
Necklace only: $25.00
October 24, 2016: Update! This will be my last update until December 2016, I will be off on my first journey to Asia (Bhutan and Thailand) for most of November. Check back soon!

Autumn-inspired polymer clay set: copper, gold, and green
design highlighted with antiqued brass beads.
Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

"Fly" bird antique silver polymer clay pendant, with
leaf earrings. Slight hint of rose, lavender, and green iridescence.
Necklace/earrings set: $30.00
 For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop
October 13, 2016: Update!

"Hello" Bird and Leaf clay pendant/earrings; pendant
on antiqued brass chain. Set: $30.00
SOLD: Thank you, Cathy!

"Sing" Bird and leaf pendant/earring set. Pendant on
antiqued brass chain. Set: $30.00

Vintage-style filigree replication clay pendant/earrings
with antiqued brass chain. Set: $30.00

Butterfly and flower pendant/earrings set
on antiqued brass chain. Set: $30.00

October 2, 2016: Update! More polymer clay creations--this is getting interesting!

Swirling black, gray, cream, and copper-colored clays together. Necklace/earrings sets, $35.00 each

Learning the technique of adding mica powders to clay,
which can add subtle iridescence. Two-strand necklace (long with pendant; short
strand can detach to become a bracelet) and earrings set, $40.00 

Stamped clay with bronze and iridescent purple
and green powders, inspired by pine trees.
Necklace/earrings set: $40.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Bright copper finish, highlighted with cobalt blue
beads and copper findings. Necklace/earrings set: $40.00

Blue clay with bird images, embossed with ruby and silver powders.
Necklace/earrings set: $40.00
Copper embossed pendant, turquoise beads, on copper chain.
Necklace/earrings set: SOLD, thank you, Merek!

Blue clay with copper powder embossing, on copper chain. Necklace/earrings set: $45.00.
August 22, 2016: Update! I have been trying to create pendants out of polymer clay. It's much harder than I thought it would be. I finally have a couple pieces put together. Plus, I thought I'd share some earrings I made using tatted (thin thread with a tiny crochet hook) butterflies that a friend made. This gentleman tats these butterflies as a hobby, while waiting for appointments, at meetings, whenever, and just hands them out. I've worked with him to obtain some butterflies, and I make earrings, and we donate them in their entirety to the White Mountain Nature Center for them to sell!

Earrings for above necklace
This polymer clay pendant and matching beads (interspersed with brass spacers)
runs about 6 inches, and then attaches to a brass chain.
Earrings are polymer beads and brass findings.
Necklace/earrings set $30 (SOLD, wow! Thanks, Ann!!!)

Close-up of polymer beads for above necklace

Close-up view of tatted butterflies. Earrings for sale at White Mountain Nature Center

Various pairs of tatted-butterfly earrings. All profits go to White Mountain Nature Center!
August 10, 2016: Update!

Inspired by the rufous hummingbirds swarming
our feeders, this carnelian stone with green and
green-blue stones and crystals is a three-piece
set of necklace, bracelet, and earrings: $60.00
SOLD: Thank you, Bronwen!

A few more photos of the set as well as the inspiring hummingbirds!

I took an antique Italian mosaic pin and turned it into a pendant,
adding beads that allow the pendant to shine.
Necklace and earrings set: $50.00

A photo collage of the above set, showing the inspiration of summer flowers.
August 1, 2016: Update!

This tiger swallowtail butterfly landed on our red dianthus, the picture was
too good to pass up. Thanks to my husband for capturing this moment.
Inspired, I created this iridescent blue-black bead set, highlighted
with yellow, black, and red beads. Necklace/earrings set: $25.00

Made on commission for a friend (Thanks, Sandy!),
this squirrel charm set was too cute not to post.

This lovely vintage-inspired set is made from brass findings and green garnets.
Two-strand necklace with dangling garnets, bracelet with dangling garnet charms,
and earrings (close-up below), set: $60.00 (SOLD, thanks!)

Earrings for above vintage-inspired set

Sky-blue kyanite and copper two-strand necklace and earrings set: $30.00 (SOLD)

Earrings from above set

July 19, 2016: Update!

Amethyst and citrine set, accented with shiny gold and subdued green seed beads,
and antiqued brass findings. Necklace/earrings/bracelet set: $50.00

Backlit -- such a pretty purple!

Sky-blue Czech glass "window" beads, antique brass findings
and luminescent green seed beads. Double-strand necklace
and earrings set: $45.00 (SOLD, thanks, Chris!)
July 5, 2016: Update!

Triple strand, each different, inspired by an intertwined gray juniper
and coppery-brown ponderosa. Necklace/earrings set: $60.
SOLD: Thank you, Cathy!

An extra-long single strand of "sunset" colored beads,
can be worn long as one strand; doubled; and even tripled!
Necklace/earrings/bracelet set: $50
SOLD: Thank you, Cathy!

Deep reddish-orange coral pulls out the highlights in
multi-green and copper agate; with antiqued brass metal.
Necklace/earrings/bracelet set: $50

Four-strand necklace, each strand different but complimentary in rusts,
grays, greens, and browns; from jasper to freshwater pears. Lovely set,
necklace and earrings: $50.00

The blue of lapis is like no other blue. Lapis, with strawberry-red square
stone highlights and silver beads interspersed. Made for July 4th holiday,
but this piece can be worn any time, any where. Necklace/earrings set: $50

June 30, 2016:  Update!

Double-strand olive-green and antique brass necklace/earrings set: $45 (SOLD, thanks, Kris!)

Muted black-and-neutral necklace/bracelet/earring set: $45
SOLD: Thank you, Sandy!

Sparkly light-green glass beads with iridescent gray freshwater
pearls and gray stone beads, double-strand necklace and earrings: $45
SOLD: Thank you, Cathy!

Turquoise chips and stones with neutral mother-of-pearl squares and red highlights,
double-strand necklace and earrings: $50. Wear as two strands or each individually, see below:

Inner strand removed from outer strand; use lobster-claw clasps to clasp
inner strand together to wear individually. Brilliant I must say!
UPDATE: Sold, thank you, Diane!!!

Bird charm centered with dangled stones; with earrings. UPDATE: Sold, thank
you, Ruth!!!
Kingfisher charm earrings: $14.00
Sometimes you feel like a nut! Squirrel charm with dangled green garnet and mix of green stones,
uses both silver and antique-brass metal for links and chain. Necklace/earrings, $45

June 1, 2016: Update: recent jewelry creations!

Inspired by our garden flowers, this two-tiered necklace
has matching earrings (below), and is for sale at the
White Mountain Nature Center in Pinetop-Lakeside 

Earrings to match the above "garden" necklace

Unusual brown beads, upon closer looks, have a complex coloration
of browns, rusts, golds, and deep reds. Carved/inlaid bird pendant.
Necklace and earrings set: $50.00 (SOLD, thank you, Collette!)

Closer look at earrings in brown bead/bird pendant set

Deep forest green and ruby-red beads interspersed with
Bali-style silver beads. Matching necklace and
earrings set: $50.00
UPDATE: Set donated to raise funds for
Humane Society of the White Mountains annual fundraising
event in Pinetop in August. Will be silent auction item!

Closer look at earrings from above set

Unusual square garnet beads, holes drilled at an angle.
interspersed with yellow stone, teal crystal, and antique
brass highlights. Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
(Sold! Thank you, Cathy!!!)

Closer look at earrings from above garnet set.
May 23, 2016: Updating with a few images of recent jewelry creations. Pieces below that have been sold have been marked as such.

Inspired by our Grand Canyon trip; the Inner Gorge's
ancient rocks showcase pink, white, and black granite, schist,
basalt, and more. Necklace/earrings set: $30.00
DONATED to White Mountain Humane Society annual fundraiser, 2017

Ceramic pendants by Clay River Designs, a favorite of mine.
Necklace/earrings set: $45.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Multi-colored beads with emphasis on browns,
Necklace/earrings set: $35.00

Antique faux bronze and turquoise-colored bead highlights
Chain has turquoise patina. Necklace/earrings set: $25.00
Set for sale at White Mountain Nature Center gift store.

Copper bird and teal/carnelian beaded earrings: $12.00

Lampwork glass beads in lovely muted greens and browns,
Earrings: $12.00

Labradorite pendant that gleams blue in certain lights:
Necklace only: $25.00

Not quite choker length, a bit longer, bronze
and freshwater pearls--goes with just about everything.
Necklace/earrings set: $30.00

Polished stone beads in 5 colors, silver spacing beads,
Necklace/earrings set: $40.00

May 1, 2016: I am so excited to present a few pics of my latest jewelry creations inspired from my recent trip through Grand Canyon these past two weeks! Here are four necklace/earrings sets made just today for sale!

The blue of Havasu Creek seems almost unreal. "Summer Fun"
necklace/earrings set: $30.00

Three-tiered necklace; beads centered on antique-bronze chain, mimicking
the colors of Grand Canyon from the river on up.
Necklace/earrings set: $50.00

SOLD! Thanks, Cathy!

SOLD! Thanks, Carolyn!
And a set inspired by the beauty of blooming cacti at Tucson Botanical Gardens:

SOLD! Thanks, Mary!

Hand-blown glass Cardinal pendant, on black chain
with smaller bead (cardinals as well) earrings as set: $50.00
For sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop

Zuni-style turtle earrings, red and turquoise beads for color.
For sale at the White Mountain Nature Center gift store

Perched birds necklace with multi-colored chips, and
perched-birds earrings, set: $45.00. SOLD! Thanks, Cathy!

Polymer clay pendant and dangling charm on olive-green
silk ribbon necklace, matching earrings set: $45.00
SOLD! Thanks, Cathy!

Example of Instagram photo! "Collar" of pine boughs clay pendants
from Clay River Designs on silk ribbons and matching earrings, set: $55.00
SOLD: Thank you, Cathy!

Hand-blown glass beads, olivine stones, antique brass metal
necklace / earrings set: $50.00
SOLD: Thank you, Holly!

Mixed-green stone pendant, olive/brown beads,
brass frog dangles in earrings, set: $45.00
GONE! Happy Birthday, Laura!

Sea glass bracelet; matching earrings, set: Set: $15.00
Sea glass bracelet; matching earrings, set: Set: $15.00

Labradorite pendant and beads, mixed with green faux-tiger-eye
and brass findings. Necklace and earrings set: $35.00 

Gray and coppery jasper pendant and stone charms
dangling from dove-gray silk ribbon with silver-finished beads.
Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
UPDATE: Sold! Thank you, Cristin!!!

Deep blue stone pendant with faux-pottery glass beads in
brown/blue swirls, with bronze triangular seed beads.
Necklace/earrings set: $35.00
SOLD! Thanks, Jo!

Teal quartz with black highlights stone pendant with silver-finished, black,
and teal beads. Necklace/earrings set. For sale at the White Mountain
Nature Center in Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona

Whimsical undersea-inspired hand-blown glass pendant,
green leather necklace, matching earrings.
For sale at White Mountain Nature Center

Flower pendant by Clay River Designs, paired with
chocolate-brown silk ribbon and matching blue beads.
Necklace and earrings set: $35.00 (Sold, thanks, Kris!)

Sage-green multi-strand leather wrap-around-twice
bracelet, mixed beads. Large lobster clasp. Bracelet only, for
sale at White Mountain Nature Center

Variety of lightweight decoupage earrings.
$8.00 per pair

Dyed Mother-of-Pearl earrings, variety of  and styles.
$8.00 / pair

Dyed Mother-of-Pearl earrings, variety of colors.
$8.00 / pair

Dyed Mother-of-Pearl earrings, variety of colors.
$8.00 / pair

Dangly earrings, unique color. $10.00

Black leather, foil and silver-plated beads.
Bracelet: $10.00
SOLD! Thanks, Carolyn!


  1. They keep getting more beautiful, unique, special............. LOVE your collection.

  2. They are all beautiful; very difficult to choose. Barbara (Florida)

  3. Thank you! I need to update with a few new pieces...